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4 Easy Fixes for Bad Tasting Ice Cubes

Ever wonder why your ice cubes may taste or smell funny? You’re not alone. Here are some possible causes and solutions as to why this may be happening. 1. The filtration system filter may be dirty. The water filtration system filters should be replaced every six months. Depending on how frequently you use it, you may need to change it more often. Check the manual for your refrigerator for instructions on your specific model. 2. You may have stale ice cubes. If you’re not using the ice machine regularly, the ice cubes are sitting in the freezer, and are susceptible to absorbing the odors and gases from the freezer or refrigerator. To keep this from happening, keep spoiled food out of your refrigerator, and use your ice machine more frequently.  3. Possible unhealthy water supply. If your water supply is full of salt or sulfur, your ice cubes will inevitably have a bad taste and odor. Make sure to regularly replace your water filtration system. If your...


Imagine being so thirsty after scorching under the heat of the sun. You rush to the refrigerator, grab a bottle of water, only to find out it isn’t as cold as you’d want it to be. Then you realize your fridge isn’t working properly anymore.   You can easily call your most trusted A-OK Appliance Service Techs.  But it would take them hours, maybe a few days, to repair your fridge. Here's our advice to you Refrigerators are quite expensive and it can be quite a hassle when your damage it, thus, it is important to maintain them regularly in order for you to get the value of what you pay for. Here are a few tips to help extend your refrigerator’s life.   Before anything else, make sure your refrigerator is turned off, unplugged, and totally defrosted to avoid any mishaps. Clean The Condenser Coils One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is to always clean the condenser coils. These coils can accumulate lint and...


#1 source of house fires is an unmaintained dryer vent. Remember to clean your dryer vents atleast once a year to prevent house fires.

It doesnt end with just the vent. The inside of your dryer gets lots of loose lint build up inside the machine, and is highly flamable. We sell dryer vent cleaning kits, that are very inexpensive and work great! If your not a do-it-yourself kind of person, we can come and clean it for you.

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